Alastair MacDonald

Alastair J. Macdonald is a private advisor to established entrepreneurs, investors and business owners. He is a TEDx speaker who lectures and presents his economic, social, market and financial forecasts to private equity, hedge funds, endowments and large investors across the US and internationally. He is the owner of the consulting firm Parallax Strategic Advisors and is the editor and publisher of the economic, social and market forecasting service “The Parallax Report.”

He has served as adviser to state governors and legislators on social and economic policy, as well as public policy think tanks. As an ex-safari guide and National Geographic expedition leader, he is Chairman of the Board of Chengeta Wildlife International, an elephant conservation and anti-poaching organization with operations throughout west and central Africa.

When not traveling, writing, working with clients, or wrasslin’ his two teenage kids, he is an active black-belt competitor, and instructor in the sport of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu