Dr. Aaron Nicholas

Aaron Nicholas DDS is a practicing dentist and international speaker with over 30 years
of experience. He graduated from University of Maryland Dental School. He is the
Founder and CEO of Monday Morning Dentistry, Smile Protection Dental Plan, The
Dental Assistant School of Maryland and Nicholas Dental Care. He is a frequent guest on
dental podcasts including The Dentalprenuer, The Relentless Dentist, Dentists, Implants
and Worms and The Better Dentistry Podcast. He has authored numerous videos including. The One Hour Molar Root Canal, Buildup and Crown; Ultimate Anesthesia;
Profitable Hygiene Without Bloodshed; and Efficient Extractions for the General
Practitioner. He is a regular participant in the Dominican Republic Dental Mission Trip
and has made the excursion 20 times to help provide dental services to the less
fortunate in that country.