About Dental Success Network

What is DSN?

You could say that The Dental Success Network (DSN) was born out of cynicism; a response to all the dental Facebook groups that operate with a hidden agenda to drive you into their click funnels and affiliate programs.  The word “help” has been increasingly overused in the dental world, and what was once used as a term to exemplify service-in-kind, has become a marketing angle to sell vaporware.

We felt that there was a need to create a collection of resources for dentists that would enable them to be better business owners, better clinicians, and just…better people; so we built a safe space where dentists can TRULY help each other, free from the influence of sales people, vendors, employees, and other bad actors.

In the spirit of transparency, here’s what you get.


Access to our private dental community where you can ask pertinent business or clinical questions and get solid advice from other high performing dentists.  Do you have best practices you want to share? Here you can coach or be coached as you see fit. Best of all, the community is 99.5% dentists….with a few non-dentists to help you through financial planning, tax advice, and personal development.  Every question is answered with good intent and no ulterior motives. No sales people, no assistants, no staff. All applicants must be a licensed dentist in good standing.


We have over 100 hours of Continuing Education (CE) available in our online learning center.   We have sponsored hours and hours of CE and made them available to you as part of your membership.  Fulfill all your CE requirements in your PJ’s if you like. We also have a number of CE events that you can attend for a huge discount, AND fun events that are completely free for all members.


We want to help you reduce your overhead, so we’ve negotiated preferred pricing with a number of key vendors to give you exclusive discounts on supplies, software, and services.  

There are DSN exclusive vendors, AND as part of your membership, you get access to the Dental Whale Savings Network for an additional $199 VALUE AT NO EXTRA CHARGE.  Oh, and we take no kickbacks from our vendors.

We charge $199 per month for access to the DSN.  Your money is used to pay for upkeep, software licenses, staffing, rent, and sponsoring CE and events.  Your $199 also gets you access to The Dental Whale Savings Network at no additional charge, so that’s $398 in memberships for half the price.  We’re confident that you’ll pay for your membership and then some through the discounts alone, and the advice and camaraderie is priceless.

That’s it! 

No limited time offers. 
No lead magnets.
No hidden agendas.

Welcome to the DSN…