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Dental Success Network is a collection of resources to help dentists run a profitable business, be better clinicians, and improve work-life balance. Here’s our list of resources that can help you implement and optimize Open Dental as your practice management system.  

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Built for a practice using OpenDental – Here is a 250+ Page Operations Manual that will give you detailed systems to help run your dental practice including Foundational Elements, Back Office Systemization, Front Office and Billing Routines, Human Resources Guidance, Positional checklists, Marketing Resources and Patient Experience verbiage. 

With all this as an example, you will have no trouble finishing your own Operations Manual for your practice so that you are not reliant on a few key players- but that everyone plays in the system. 

Here's the Basics of OpenDental

New to OpenDental – here are the basics:

Dig Deeper into OD

Now that you’ve got the basics, here are more videos to dig deeper into the practice management software:

Open Dental Add-ons:

(some have special pricing for DSN Members):

Analytics Software

Divergent sends daily emails, morning and evening, with executive level reports customized to the data you want to see about your business.  No platform to log in to, and at about 1/3 the cost of any other service.  DSN members use Divergent more than any other service.

Practice Communication and Digital workflow Softwares

Flex includes paperless solutions for treatment plans, in-office paperwork (health histories and consents), online scheduling, digital pay (text or email), and communications solutions: call pop-ups integrated with Mango Voice as well as email and texting reminders for appointments and review requests.  
Modento includes paperless solutions for treatment plans, in-office paperwork (health histories and consents), digital pay (text or email), and communications solutions- which include the innovative direct-to-voicemail options tied to certain procedure types.  Modento now also offers a Virtual consult platform integrated as well. 

Phone Systems

Mango Voice is a VOIP solution that is a favorite of DSN members.  It records all phone calls, gives the option to instantly change different options and decision tree, and works well with OpenDental.  

Insurance Submission

Dental XChange is a digital payments company which helps with claims services, Electronic payments, insurance credentialing, insurance pre-verification, and credit card servicing.  Of the two major servicing companies, more DSN members choose Dental Change.  

Collecting Reviews

Swell CX is one of the most amazing review-generating companies out there today.  It’s innovative software gently asks patients for Google Reviews after an appointment, and gets better results for DSN members than any other platform.  

Other useful links to videos and documents

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